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The Minor

The undergraduate minor in Islamic & Arabic Studies, designed for students specializing in other fields, brings together an interesting and enriching combination of courses in Political Science, Religious Studies, History, and Language. To obtain this undergraduate minor students have to complete a minimum of 18 units, or 6 classes, that all have a focus on Islamic and Arabic topics.


All students are required to take:

  • Political Science 363: Governments and Politics of the Middle East (3 units)
  • Religious Studies 328: Islam (3 units)

Two classes (6 units) from the following:

  • History 473: Middle East History from the Advent of Islam to 1500 (3 units)
  • History 474: The Middle East Since 1500 (3 units)
  • History 574: Arab-Israeli Relations-Past and Present (3 units) 

One course in lower division Religious Studies (3 units)

One additional class (3 units or 4 units) from the following:

  • Arabic 101: Elementary Arabic I (4 units)
  • Arabic 102: Elementary Arabic II (4 units)
  • Arabic 201: Intermediate Arabic I (4 units)
  • Arabic 202: Intermediate Arabic II (4 units)
  • Arabic 330: Arabic Culture (3 units)
  • History 473 (3 units), History 474 (3 units), History 574 (3 units)


Michelle Lenoue
Undergraduate Advisor
Email: [email protected]

For more information, please see the General Catalog and our Courses page.

Some courses may be substituted for the minor, please contact the the undergraduate advisor for approval.